Trustee Scholars Program

Every educational institution has an aura, which pervades the campus, and the Trustee Scholarship Program rewards what is truly honored, prized and admired at Ringling College. Selection as a Trustee Scholar is the highest honor awarded at the Ringling College of Art and Design. The award recognizes:

  • Exceptional talent and distinction of mind.
  • Contributions to the department, College and/or community during the sophomore and junior years.
  • On-campus leadership and citizenship and/or the ability to be a department or Student Life mentor.

Each spring, prior to the April meeting of the Board of Trustees, the faculty of each major and the staff of the Office of Student Life, meet to select the names of two candidates for the Trustee Scholarship. Student nominees are asked to submit digital images and/or video with descriptive information, written artist statement and résumé to be presented to the Trustee Scholars Selection Committee for review and recommendation. The materials of the award recipients will later be on permanent file in the Alfred R. Goldstein Library. Each Trustee Scholar is awarded a $6,000 scholarship and is introduced to the Board of Trustees at a special reception following the selection process. While completing their senior year, Trustee Scholars will work closely with the department faculty or Office of Student Life staff to serve as mentors to other students.