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International Student Advising

International students can obtain information and advising on immigration rules and regulations from the Director, International Student Affairs Amy Pettengill, who is located in the Faculty Center. Services and information provided by this office include: SEVIS compliance, I-20 signatures, visa information, employment options including OPT and CPT applications, income tax information, change-of-status assistance, as well as information on many other immigration procedures and policies.

Please visit the International Student Affairs office on the first floor of the Faculty Center. It is very important that you register with the International Student Advisor within the first two weeks of your arrival. You will need to bring your passport, I-20 and visa with you and know your campus address. It is also important to meet your International Student Advisor regularly during the school year (at least once a semester), as she needs to make sure you remain in good status. NEVER leave the country without first meeting with your Advisor. Your International Student Advisor can help you with such issues as employment, filing tax forms with the IRS, maintaining status and much more.

Temporary Departure from the United States

Each time you leave the United States (e.g., Canada, Mexico, return home for vacation), you must confirm that you have a valid signature (within the past 12 months) on your I-20 to present at your port of entry when you return to the United States. Please plan ahead; if you need your I20 signed, please request a signature in advance using the relevant form available in the office of International Student Affairs.

Note: Students visiting Canada may need a special Canadian Visitors Visa to enter Canada. Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the United States and will receive their I-94 Arrival Stamp or Card at the U.S. port of entry. An I-20 is still required.

If you have any questions regarding your student status at Ringling College, please call International Student Services at 941-893-2051.