Classroom Policies

While each instructor has his or her own policies regarding classroom conduct and requirements, the College does have a few policies covering all classes.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all classrooms, whether or not class is in session.

No pets are allowed in class. Exceptions will be made in the case of service dogs.

Because of past abuse, cell phones, radios, tape decks, headsets, iPods, televisions, and other audiovisual equipment are also prohibited during class time.

The College’s dress code requires shoes and appropriate shirts be worn during all classes, as well as in the Alfred R. Goldstein Library, Ulla Searing Student Center, dining facilities, and galleries.

It is the instructor’s sole prerogative to determine whether a student is:

  1. In a fit condition to perform classroom work (in other words, is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and is not sleeping).
  2. Indeed working on assignments for that particular class (rather than working on projects for another class or doing freelance work).
  3. Distracting other students as to impair the learning environment.

If the instructor finds a student in violation of any of these provisions, or the policies outlined in the course syllabus, he or she may require the student to leave the classroom and may subsequently mark the student absent, which could affect the student’s final grade.